Jerome Percepied, hospitality in his genes...

After having worked in several French cities, in England, in Mexico, in the Emirates and the States, at the end of 2013, Jerome Percepied was hired as the Assistant Resort Manager at the Four Seasons Costa Rica.

Jerome Percepied, hospitality in his genes...


Representing the sixth generation of this family of hotel managers, Jerome Percepied carried on this tradition by enrolling in Vatel Nimes in 2007, and graduating in 2010 with his Bachelor’s Degree.


After having worked in several French cities, in England, in Mexico, in the Emirates and the States, at the end of 2013, he was hired as the Assistant Resort Manager at the Four Seasons Costa Rica.




Jerome, was working in the Hospitality-Tourism field evident for you, or just a coincidence?


Evident, of course! I was mainly inspired by my dad who instilled his passion for this field in me when I was very young. When it was time for me to decide what I wanted to study in higher education, I was really convinced by Vatel, with its mixture of theory and professional application courses, its international outreach and its excellent reputation in the field.





Do you have a lot of memories of your Vatel years? 


Countless ones! I met my best friend, Florent Baudouin there; he founded his company, Golden Keys in Los Angeles and he is the Ambassador of the Vatel Alumni Club for the USA West Coast region. This was incredible, both from a personal and a professional point of view.





What’s your best memory: theory, professional application or internships?


I’ve got fond memories of all three. The theoretical part, with professionals who had up to 30 years of experience, was really very interesting.



Practical application courses are always unique, and something only Vatel does. Vatel Nimes students and I were extremely lucky to have a four-star Application Hotel right on the Campus for our practical courses, with all the departments that we had to work in and understand if we wanted to manage our own hotels one day.



As for my internships, I consider myself to be very lucky to have traveled as much as I did, and worked in prestigious hotels such as the Hotel Le Prieure Best Mont Blanc Group in Chamonix where I worked in the F&B services and at the Front Office. Or there’s the St James in London, the Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts at Playa del Carmen in Mexico, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai and the New York Plaza Athenee.





Costa Rica: and opportunity or networking? 


After having spent a year in New York catering mainly to corporate guests, my fiancee, who is Costa Rican, suggested that I give her beautiful country a try. So, from NYC, I started to activate my network and I had my first interviews just a week later in Central America.





Assistant Resort Manager: an office job or more operational one?


More operational and hands-on. It’s an exciting job, always dealing with our guests, and each day brings in new challenges. My main task is to ensure that the Front Office is run correctly, also to ensure Duty Manager responsibilities, making sure that each and every guest will see his or her stay as a true “experience.”





France in Costa Rica: a good or bad image?


Our country enjoys global recognition for its education and know-how in the sectors of gastronomy and hospitality. Vatel conveys this corporate culture, making us aware of what the most discriminating guests require, with the “French touch” that they always appreciate!





Hotel management and family life: can the two be reconciled?


The hospitality industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Each year many hotels are opened and this gives us job security for our future. I think the luxury hotels do require, however, a few sacrifices, especially at the beginning of your career, where you have to be mobile and gain international experience to have an attractive and coherent resume. Even though it’s not an easy task to accommodate family life with frequent mobility, in my opinion, it’s not impossible!





Anything else you’d like to say, Jerome?


As networking is so important in our line of work, I’d like to invite all the Vateliens to remain connected and interrelated to increase everyone’s opportunities.